- Social Media Monitoring and Engaging Platform

Veooz (pronounced as "views") helps you to get a quick overview, understand and draw valuable insights from the views/opinions expressed by hundreds of millions of users on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, News Sites, Blogs, etc. We track views/opinions expressed by social media users from across the world on people, places, products, movies, events, brands and many more. This translates to billions of views on millions of topics at one place –

Listening to the World

Listening to views from people around you will provide many insights on any topic of your interest. But how about being able to listen to views and opinions from people around the world? The last decade has seen an explosion of social media platforms and now online users are increasingly using their social media network to share and express their views. is the first free consumer channel that provides a live aggregated snapshot of what is the current sentiment/buzz, what is the trend, what are the influencing opinions, and what is being discussed on any topic on different social media channels.

Veooz Live Sentiment

While aggregating the world’s views provides you an unbiased public opinion on any topic, our Live Sentiment feature provides you an instant insight of the current sentiment/mood in context of the selected topic – in terms of positive or negative. Only the views that contain either positive or negative opinions are counted and all the neutral views are ignored for calculating the Live Sentiment. For example, +75% would mean that 75% of views expressed on the selected topic are positive (with neutral views ignored) and positive is also the predominant side of sentiment. The rest of the opinionated views on the topic are negative.

Veooz - Sentiment Analysis

With billions of views being expressed from across the world,’s robust sentiment analysis engine presents you a high-quality trending sentiment in real-time by understanding the semantics of the text generated by users on social media using advanced natural language processing techniques. Our proprietary state-of-the-art semantic technology automatically identifies the entities and the relation between those entities by understanding the context. Our ability of semantically processing the human-generated text helps us to provide high-quality and accurate sentiment on any topic. gives one of the best live coverage of the Social Media. Our powerful distributed crawlers visits and fetches the information from the web in near real-time. Our automated systems filters and cleans up the irrelevant data based on many controllable parameters like duplicates, dates, spam, non-real content, language, etc. Unlike in the case of most of the systems, we have the unique capability of analysing the posts at much fine-grained level than at the post level due to which the overall accuracy of the sentiment is very high when compared to most of the systems. By gathering, enriching and processing the data in near real-time at a unique scale, is able to deliver one of the best technological innovations that power the world’s most powerful social media analytics.